24 Floors by Abby M Huot
Author's Summary:
Aren't elevators fun?

Case of the Exuberant G-Man by aka "Jake"
Rated: NC-17
Keywords: MSR, X
Spoilers: Vague references to episodes through Season 7.
Author's Summary: "What exactly constitutes 'the X-File of all X-Files,' Mulder?"
"Think 1958. Think Steve McQueen. Think pink."
"You don't mean..."
"Yes! There's been a Blob sighting! How cool is that, Scully?"

Cold Room by Joann Lassiter
Rated: PG
Keywords: V, MSR (eventually)
Spoilers: "Fire." Set before Memento Mori.
Author's Summary: Mulder and Scully are stuck in the basement during a storm. The power's out, the heat's off, and the room is cold in more than temperature. For awhile.

The Conversation by Katwoman
Rated: PG
Keywords: VAH-UST
Spoilers: US5 up to and including "Folie A Deux"
Author's Summary: What if Scully and Mulder had gotten stuck in that elevator at the end of "Folie A Deux"?

Dares 3/ The Final Revenge by eponine119
Rated: R
Author's Summary:

Dialogue V: Locked In by Megan E. Kennedy
Rated: G
Keywords: VH
Spoilers: None
Author's Summary: The agents must amuse themselves until the locksmith arrives.

Elevators by Lass Mulder
Rated: PG
Keywords: SRH
Spoilers: None
Author's Summary: The lights go out in a stuck elevator.

Elevator Shoes by KristenK2
Rated: PG (sorry, still no nookie, just a couple of bad words and smutty-ish images)
Keywords: MSR, Skinner/other romance; humor
Spoilers: a little Hollywood A.D. (well, just that one running scene that still cracks me up!)
Author's Summary: Mulder gets a lesson he won't soon forget.

Hope is Belief by Jen
Rated: PG
Keywords: MSR,
Spoilers: None
Author's Summary: A pen and a couple of hours in a janitor's closet teach Mulder and Scully something about themselves.

I Spy by Red Valerian
Rated: NC-17
Keywords: Sk/Sc R, V
Spoilers: Avatar(ish)
Author's Summary: A stuck elevator. Need I say more?

In the Closet by Gwendolyn and Dasha K.
Rated: NC-17
Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance, Skinner/other UST, oh and don't forget improbable and PWP, too <g>
Spoilers: Nuttin', honey
Author's Summary: What? You mean we need to have a plot? Oh, crud. A closet, some smut, a surly man and a morning meeting. Kind of a sequel to Gwen's "Crawl Space."

Play at the Plate by Coolbyrne
Rated: Smut
Keywords: D/S gulp! smut
Author's Summary: What started out as a response to a "What would Doggett and Scully's first kiss be like?" Challenge over at SHODDS.. somehow ended up being my first smutfic??? How did THAT happen? Oh yeah, now I remember- I had a lot of encouragement from writers whose work I admire. Special thanks to Anne Hedonia and MeridyM. You should read "The Bunt," before this one.

Situational Claustrophobia by Jaime Lyn
Rated: PG
Keywords: MSR/UST (Yes, one of THOSE? <grin>) S, R, H (and a teeny, miniscule bit of A)
Spoilers: A tiny mention of "detour." A mention of Assitant Director Kersch. This occurs during season 6, but you really don't need to have seen season 6 to read or understand this.
Author's Summary: A phrase that is best defined by getting stuck too close to the person you often wish to be closest to.