Dark Cell by Orianna
Rated: PG
Keywords: MSR, ANGSTStory/Vignette?, Romance, Major Angst
Spoilers: Minor, for whichever episode mentions the Consortium's plans for Colonization.
Author's Summary: Scully is in a very dark place, courtesy of Them.

A Dark Slide of Ecstasy by Shalimar
Rated: ***NC-17*** ****RAPE**** This story is unsuitable for those under the age of 17 and may be unsuitable for some adults. Contains strong adult content, violence, language, disturbing rape imagery and sex. (The rape is not by Mulder, however it is Scully who gets raped.)
Keywords: MSR, Story, Angst
Spoilers: This is set in an alternate universe where the events of Fourth Season U.S. from Momento Mori onward do not exist.
Author's Summary:

Disaster, Fiasco & Tragedy by Zoe Takashi & Louise Wu
Rated: NC-17
Keywords: Scully/Krycek, S, Anal sex, Some kink
Spoilers: Tunguska/Terma. Takes place after Scully's cancer remission, but before Emily.
Author's Summary: Scully and a gay Krycek trapped in a cell together.

Kidnapped! by L. M. Shard
Rated: PG
Keywords: MSR, S, R, A
Spoilers: None
Author's Summary: Mulder and Scully are locked up in a medieval-like chamber and tortured by their captor, a man they both know well.

Togetherness by Donna
Rated: PG - NC-17
Keywords: MSR
Spoilers: Momento Mori through 5th season
Author's Summary: How much togetherness is too much?