The Airport by Jess
Rated: NC-17
Spoilers: Through The Goldberg Variation
Author's Summary: Up, up and away!

Christmas Eve & Airports by Jen
Rated: PG
Keywords: Mulder/Scully UST (some aws(it is Christmas), but I think it is no-romo safe)
Spoilers: Triangle, Emily(slight mention). I started this story before "The Ghosts That Stole Christmas" so this is a different take on the Mulder/Scully Christmas Eve.
Author's Summary: A snowy Christmas Eve at an airport.

Flight #1539, Inbound from Denver, Will Be Delayed by Sabine
Keywords: Scully/Other (sort of), MSR (sort of), ScullyAngst
Spoilers: None
Author's Summary: While waiting for Mulder at the airport, Scully meets a man who is just obnoxious enough to be her type.

Flight Delay by Megan Reilly
Keywords: MSR
Author's Summary:

The Floor is More Comfortable by DSc1110
Rated: PG
Keywords: 3rd Person POV (well, sort of), MSR, Fluff, pure fluff, a touch of H
Spoilers: Absolutely none, but I think it fits best in Season 7. I was thinking between 'all things' and 'Requiem' but it can honestly be set almost anywhere.
Author's Summary: Stuck in an airport -- 'nuff said.

Terminal Hearts by Lydia Harkness
Rated: G
Keywords: S
Spoilers: Christmas Carol, Emily, All Souls / non-specific time-frame (sometime after the Emily's simply amazing how short our character's memory-spans are....)
Author's Summary: stranded on Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully find a way to reconcile the past.

Waiting for Agent Right by Kel
Rated: PG
Keywords: MS Friendship, drunkfic, Story, humor
Spoilers: Set in the first season. Definite spoiler for Travelers. Little one for Tooms, and some minor foreshadowing for Tempus Fugit.
Author's Summary: Killing time in an anonymous airport. Mulder wants a toaster.