14-Day Quarantine by aka "Jake" (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
155 Words 5, OR O! Wilderness! by Brandon D. Ray (Woods)
159 Words, OR The Shortest 'One Room Left' Story by Shadowlurker (Hotels)
2 Close for Comfort by Shinkai (Undercover)
2 Hot 2 Handle by Shinkai (Undercover)
24 Floors by Abby M Huot (Hoover Building)
Acquitted by aka "Jake" (Cabins)
After the Fall by Foxsong (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Airport, The by Jess (Airports)
All the Nuts... by Dreamshaper (Hotels)
Alligator Moon by jordan (Cabins)
Always Darkness Before the Dawn by Vickie Moseley (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Always Keep You Guessing by Lis Suvari (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Always Like This by Laura Pisoni (Cars)
American Dream, The by Florimell (Made of Snow) (Undercover)
And a Silver Sixpence by Teigen (Undercover)
Anesthetic and Old Lace by Plausible Deniability (Cars)
Anesthetic and Old Lace by Plausible Deniability (Snowed In)
Another Stakeout by Amy McClure (Cars)
Antidote by Rachel Howard & Karen Rasch (Cabins)
Arcades by Sarah Ellen Parsons (Undercover)
Arch Angel by Jenga (Undercover)
Attractive by Alanna (sequel to Hot Shower) (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Autumn Terrace by Karen Conrardy (Undercover)
Ballad of Resurrection Joe by Alyssa (Miscellaneous)
Beached by Donna (Desert Island) Beaches by Donna (Undercover)
Bedtime Story by Martin A. Nantus (Cars)
Behind the White Curtain by Ficlady (Miscellaneous)
Beltway Musings by jeri (Cars)
Beyond Reason by Shoshana (Cars)
Birthday Blues by Donnilee (Hotels)
Blackwood by Susan Garrity (Snowed In)
Blizzard by L.C. Brown (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital and Snowed In)
Blizzard by VBJess (Mulder's Pad)
Blown Away by mimic117 (Miscellaneous)
Box, The by S Esty akaWindsinger (Miscellaneous)
Breach by Justin Glasser (Hotels)
Breakdown by Lowen (Cars)
Breath of Heaven, A Christmas X File by Vickie Moseley (Miscellaneous)
Breeding Discontent by FatCat (Miscellaneous)
Buffetted by Maggie McCain (Undercover)
Burkittsville by Megan Reilly (Woods)
Cabin Fever or How I Ruined One Man's Vacation by QIra julIyan (Cabins /Snowed In)
Camping by Amperage and Livengoo (Hotels and Woods)
Case of the Exuberant G-Man by aka "Jake" (Hoover Building)
Case of the Reluctant Pathologist by aka "Jake" (Cars)
Catalytic Converter by Diana Battis (Hotels)
Caved In by Conspiracy (Miscellaneous)
Cellphone by Marasmus (Miscellaneous)
CHECK GAGES by shannono (Cars)
Christmas Eve & Airports by Jen (Airports)
Cicely's Gardens of Light by Susan Proto (Hotels)
Circumnavigation by Suzanne Schramm (Woods)
Cliche series: Airplane I, Airplane II, Airplane III by ROz H (Miscellaneous)
Cold Day in July by jordan (Cabins)
Cold Floors by Benjamin Wang & Corine "Spooky of London" (Hotels)
Cold by Donna (Snowed In)
Cold Room by Joann Lassiter (Hoover Building)
Comfort by Kay S. (Chez Scully)
Conceded by Denise Morgen (Hotels)
Confusion by Juliette (Cabins)
Conversation in the Dark by Cass (Hotels)
Conversation on a Wet Night by Donna (Cars)
Conversation, The by Katwoman (Hoover Building)
Cost Of Being Unfaithful by K. Phillips (Undercover)
Covenants, Contracts & Restrictions by Suzanne Schramm (Undercover)
Crawl Space by Gwendolyn (Miscellaneous)
Cruciatus by Justine MacDonald (Hotels)
Cruise pt 1 and Cruise pt 2 by Madeleine Partous (Miscellaneous)
Cryopods by Olivia Severini (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Crystal Moonlight by Elizabeth L. Iacono (Cabins and Snowed In)
Cuddle Alert and Cuddle Alert II by Linda M (Chez Scully)
Danger, Without and Within by shannono (Woods)
Dares 2/ Mulder's Revenge by Megan Reilly (Mulder's Pad)
Dares 3/ The Final Revenge by Megan Reilly (Hoover Building)
Dark Cell by Orianna (Lockup/Cell/Jail)
Dark Secrets by Satina (Chez Scully)
Dark Slide of Ecstasy, A by Shalimar (Lockup/Cell/Jail)
Dark Water by Suzanne Schramm (Woods)
Dawn by Danielle Culverson (Miscellaneous)
Detours by Dlynn (Woods)
Detours Along the Way by Macspooky (Woods)
Dialogue V: Locked In by Megan E. Kennedy (Hoover Building)
Disaster, Fiasco & Tragedy by Zoe Takashi & Louise Wu (Lockup/Cell/Jail)
Disturbing the Universe by Kelly Keil (Snowed In)
Double Bed by Florens de Wit (Hotels)
Dreamscape by Foxsong (Undercover)
Drive, The by Sheryl Martin (Cars)
Driven Away by mimic117 (Cars)
Dust Mites by Jori Remington and MoJo (Hotels)
Early Dialogues - Firewalker by Susan Frankovich (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Eight Years by ArcaDIaNFall$ (Undercover)
Elevator Shoes by Kristen K2 (Hoover Building)
Elevators by Lass Mulder (Hoover Building)
End Detour and End Detour, Revisited by Susanne Barringer (Miscellaneous)
Erlona's Heart by MD1016 (Desert Island)
Evening Wear by Crash (Chez Scully)
Extermination by DrSBean (Chez Scully)
Faith pt 1 and Faith pt 2 by Suzanne Bickerstaffe (Miscellaneous)
Falling Snow by Snark (Woods and Snowed In)
Fallout From Arcadia, The by Ten (Undercover)
Fate, Chance, Kings & Desperate Men by Karen Rasch (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Fifth Day in Paradise by Kate Rickman (Hotels)
Final Straw by Margreta (Mulder's Pad)
Fire From Ice by Anne Hedonia (Cabins and Snowed In)
Five Years and One Night by Shalimar (Undercover)
Flight #1539, Inbound from Denver, Will Be Delayed by Sabine (Airports)
Flight Delay by Megan Reilly (Airports)
Floor is More Comfortable, The by DSc1110 (Airports)
Forgiveness Revisited by Robby Keofe (Undercover)
Four More Miles by T Bishop (Cars)
Four Walls by xenoprobe (Miscellaneous)
Fragrant by Jori Remington (Undercover)
Free Time by ML (Miscellaneous)
Frightening Changes by Macspooky (Hotels)
Frozen by Dasha K. (Cabins)
Game by Megan Reilly (Cars)
Games We Play, The by Wintersong (Miscellaneous)
Gift, The by SubRosa (Cabins)
Got Milk by Cassie and Shanda Weeks (Hotels)
Gradual Precipitation by Narida Law (Chez Scully)
Haunted House by Analise (Miscellaneous)
Haunted Moon by Stephanie Kaiser (Miscellaneous)
Hidden in Plain Sight by Allison "Potty" Lins (a.k.a. M.F. Luder) (Chez Scully)
Honeymoon 1 by Suricata (Hotels)
Honeymoon 2 by Jane Mortimer (Hotels)
Honeymoon From Hell by Gerry Hill (Undercover)
Hope is Belief by Jen (Hoover Building)
Hostages by Danielle Culverson (Undercover)
Hot and Sticky by Megan Reilly (Hotels)
Hot Shower by Susanne Barringer (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Hot Tub Homina by Jada Rene (Hotels)
Hotel Bed: A Universal Invariant by Punk Maneuverability (Hotels)
Hurricane Alex by shannono (Hotels)
I Spy by Red Valerian (Hoover Building)
Ice Cold by Loret Mock (Hotels)
If a Frog had Wings... by Dlynn (Woods)
If They Hadn't Taken a Detour by Amanda Finch (Miscellaneous)
I'm Rubber, You're Glue by David S. (Hotels)
Impulse by Suzanne Schramm (Hotels)
In Amor, Vis Vires by Andrea (Miscellaneous)
In the Car by Adrienne (Cars)
In the Closet by Gwendolyn and Dasha K. (Hoover Building)
Incognito by Orianna (Miscellaneous)
Into the Woods by XScout (Cars and Woods and Miscellaneous)
Island, The by mercury_999 (Desert Island)
It's Probably Me by David S. (Miscellaneous)
Kidnapped! by L. M. Shard (Lockup/Cell/Jail)
Laid Bare by Ten (Snowed In)
Lapdance by T.L. Carter (Undercover)
Last Light by Agents Haines and Willis (Cabins)
L'eau Bon by Dianora (Cars)
Level 4 Boredom by aka "Jake" (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Lights Out by Laurie Sarnacki (Chez Scully)
Linked by Barbara Nice-Miller (Woods)
Livewire I and II by Shawne (Hotels)
Locked Doors by Sheryl Martin (Mulder's Pad)
Lost by Wintersong - (Woods and Snowed In)
Lost Together by Donna (Cabins and Snowed In)
Love Hurts by Satina (Miscellaneous)
Lying in Wait by Rachel Howard (Hotels)
M Is For Miracle by Donnilee (Miscellaneous)
Making His Marks by Satina (Chez Scully)
Mastodon Diaries by aka "Jake" (Miscellaneous)
Merry Christmas Scully....I Love You by DScully141 (Hotels)
Midnight Conversation by Lil XPhile (Cars)
Mighty Workings by Plausible Deniability (Hotels)
Mind Games by Angela W. (Chez Scully)
Misted Moon by Dana of Starbuck (Woods)
Momentary Lapses Series by Dasha K. and Plausible Deniability (Chez Scully)
Monday by Susanne Barringer (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
More Changes (sequel to Frightening Changes) by Macspooky (Hotels)
Morning Glow series by Batela (Cabins)
Motel Room, The by Lisa (Hotels)
Moving In by Joann Humby (Chez Scully)
MVP by frogdoggie (Cars)
My Face Is My Own by K. Brown (Undercover)
Necessary Smut by Jada Rene (Undercover)
Never by Allison Kinney (Undercover)
New Orleans by Paula (Hotels)
Night At The Sleep EZ by PamalaSt (Hotels)
Night Camp by J.S. Michel (Miscellaneous)
Night Giving Off Flames by Jesemie's Evil Twin (Cabins)
Night In Arcadia by Foxsong (Undercover)
Night With Murphy, A by mimic117 (Hotels)
No More Demons by Penny Daza (Hotels)
No Regrets by Sheryl Martin (Hotels)
Nocturnal Admissions by Cratkinson (Hotels)
Not A Three Hour Tour by Rhetta (Desert Island)
Not the Call They Were Waiting For by Yonada (Miscellaneous)
Not the End of the Game by Vickie Moseley (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Oceans Irate by Char Hall (Desert Island)
Off the Beaten Track by Nora Katherine (Woods)
Old Growth Forest by Andrea (Woods)
Ominous by Louise Marin (Hotels)
One Cold Night (Firelight stories 7) by Ewa (Hotels)
One Hour by Chris C. (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
One Room, One Toothbrush, No TV by RhymePhile (Hotels)
Opposite of Impulse, The by Maria Nicole (Miscellaneous)
Option Three by Khyber (Cars)
Paradise by The Dashboard Light by Annette Gisby (Cars)
Parting Shot by Melody (Hotels)
Pilgrims' Progress by Cathleen Faye with Melinda MacCaughtry (Hotels)
Pillow Talk by Alelou (Hotels)
Pillow Talk by Rebecca (Hotels)
Play at the Plate by Coolbyrne (Hoover Building)
Playing House by mercury_999 (Miscellaneous)
Playing House by shannono (Undercover)
Playing House 2 by Brandon D. Ray (Undercover)
Poetic Justice by Michelle Hiley (Miscellaneous)
Point of Origin by Rachel Howard (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Porcelain by XFBandit (Hotels)
Pregnant Pause by Deslea R. Judd (Miscellaneous)
Profiles in Caring: The Nibbler Case by Daydreamer (Woods)
Prone by Sarah Ellen Parsons (Miscellaneous)
Purpose by Dreamshaper (Hotels)
Quarantine by Siobhan Gormley (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Quirky Foibles by Jamie Greco (Woods)
Quotes: Then I Understood by Sqira A. (Hotels)
Rage, Rage by Rocketman (Woods)
Read in the Dark by alanna (Mulder's Pad)
Reconnecting by Meg20715 (Hotels)
Regrets by Yonada (Miscellaneous)
Relativity pt 1 and Relativity pt 2 by Donna (Woods)
Renewal by Megan Chandler (Hotels)
Retrieval by Daydreamer (Desert Island)
Saddest Lines, The by Amanda Rex (Undercover)
Sand Castles by mercury_999 (Undercover)
Scrabble in the Snow by Kristi Peterson (Hotels)
Second Thoughts by Flynn (Hotels)
Sharp Edges by C. Charlotte (Woods)
Shirt, The by Audrey Roget (Hotels)
This story reference removed at author's request.
Shut Up, Mulder by David S. (Cars)
Situational Claustrophobia by Jaime Lyn (Hoover Building)
Six Days and Seven Nights by Eleanore (Hotels)
Sleeping Arrangements by Denise Schoppe (Hotels)
Sleepless Night by Sophos (Hotels)
Sleeptalking by catriona wimsey (Hotels)
Sleepwalking by Mary Cruz (Chez Scully)
Snow 1 and Snow 2 by Nicole Mason (Snowed In)
Snow Crisis by PoorMulder (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital and Snowed In)
Snow in Alabama by Tesla (Snowed In)
Snow Under the Tree by XF Truth (Chez Scully)
Snowed In by DM (Snowed In)
Snowing Sleeping Bags by Andrea (Snowed In)
Solitary Confinement by Jean Robinson (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Someday 2, Effects by ErisaMarie Preston (Chez Scully)
Sore Luck at the Luxor by Anubis (Undercover)
Sound of Wind Chimes, The by Sarah Stegall (Miscellaneous)
Sound of Your Voice by Vickie Moseley w/Summer (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Southern Cross by Elizabeth Tobey (Snowed In)
Stakeout by Sheryl Martin (Cars)
Stakeout Through the Heart by Barbara D. (Cars)
Static by LoneGunChick (Hotels)
Steam and Ice Cream by Crash and Ten (Cars)
Storm by Liz Owens (Miscellaneous)
Storm Warning by Shoshana (Hotels and Miscellaneous)
Stormy Weather by Lara Means (Hotels)
Story, A by shannono (Cars)
Stranded by Unicorn83 (Woods)
Surfaces and Depths by Branwell (Undercover)
Survive by Melissa Anderson (Snowed In)
Swansong by Richard Yeardley (Miscellaneous)
Sweet and Sour Frustration by Gina Rain (Miscellaneous)
Swevyn by Rosetta Stone (Hotels)
Tangents by Sandra Winarta (Hotels)
Tantric by T Bishop (Undercover and Desert Island)
Tempest by Missy Pennington (Woods)
Ten Little Dust Bunnies Went to an Island by Humbuggie (Miscellaneous)
Terminal Hearts by Lydia Harkness (Airports)
Texas History Lesson by Katvictory (Hotels)
Thank You For Shopping at K-Mart by Brandon D. Ray (Undercover)
Thaw by Susan Frankovich (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
There Is Only One Moment In Time by Norma Roberts (Hotels)
Things Can Only Get Better by Lovesfox (Hotels)
This Is Some Time by RocketMan (Hotels)
Tight Places by Donna (Hotels)
Tight Spaces by Jori Remington (Miscellaneous)
Time To Remember Always by Emily Miller (Snowed In)
Tlaloc's Time by Finn (Hotels)
To Follow the Gypsy Rover by Ten (Cars)
To Share This Room by Tarin Z. Kesumin (Snowed In)
Togetherness by Donna (Lockup/Cell/Jail)
Traffic Jam by Trixie (Cars)
Trapped by Mel X Lady (Miscellaneous)
Truncated by Lysandra (Cars)
Trust Me by Superhumanalienhunter SHAH (Hotels)
Truth or Dare by Adrienne (Hotels)
Turns In the Road by Vickie Moseley (Woods)
Twisted by Crash (Miscellaneous)
Two of Hearts by Barbara Nice-Miller (Woods)
Two Spirits, One Mind by Shell (Miscellaneous)
Undercover Work by Donna (Undercover)
Unquiet Grave by mimic117 (Snowed In)
Up In the Air by Renata (name removed on author's request) (Miscellaneous)
Viva Las Vegas and All That by Macspooky (Hotels)
Waiting for Agent Right by Kel (Airports)
Walking in Sunlight by Summer M (Undercover)
Walls by Brenda Antrim (Hotels)
Wanderers by Sheryl Martin (Quarantine/Decon/Hospital)
Washed Away by Mimic117 (Miscellaneous)
Weather With You by LookABloom (Hotels)
What Hands Do by Mish (Miscellaneous)
What the Morning Will Bring by Megan Sullivan (Hotels)
What We're Missing by Miranda (Hotels)
Where Do We Go From Here? by Stephanie Kaiser (Hotels)
Where There's a Will by Andrea (Miscellaneous)
Where Your Road Leads by Nynaeve (Cars)
Wildcats by Sheryl Martin (Woods)
Winklers, The by Michelle Ferguson (Undercover)
Winter Storm by Susan R. West (Hotels)
wire sprint by Jesemie's Evil Twin (Miscellaneous)
Working Out the Kinks by Satina (Cabins)
Working Out the Kinks 2: Krycek's Revenge by Satina (Cabins)
Worry Kiss author name removed by request
Worst by Maureen B. Ocks (Cars)
Yee-haw by Satina (Undercover)