What is Stuck!Fic, you ask? Any story in which two (or more!) people are forced to stay in a certain place by circumstances beyond their control. Whether they're sharing motel rooms, surviving camping trips gone awry, dealing with bad weather, trapped in closets, locked up by bad guys, or even <gasp> going under cover as a married couple--they're stuck.

For the first time, there are many stories whose authors I was unable to contact. I tried, I really did. If any author finds their story on this site and they'd rather it not be included, I will remove it as soon as I'm asked. I don't mean to bypass the authors, I was simply unable to make contact. Look for this on these stories:

One last thing: I'm always on the lookout for new stories to add. Please email me with any suggestions. Or if I've missed one of your stories, you are more than welcome to send it straight to me.

Please be aware of a couple of things.

First, that the characters featured in the stories archived here are the property of Fox Television, 1013 Productions, and Chris Carter. We are not intending any infringement or making any profit.

Second, many of the stories are clearly rated either R or NC-17. Please respect the wishes of the authors, the archivist, and the laws and community standards in your area and avoid reading them if they are inappropriate. There are lots of stories here. Choose wisely.

Thank you!

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A lot of these stories are really old so be aware the email addresses listed on them may not work. Maybe at some point, when I'm old and retired, I'll have time to add more stories in here. Also, some of these stories may be part of a series but only the part where M&S are stuck somewhere is included. Check the headers if you don't like to be left hanging. In the meantime, if you find any problems with the site or the links, please email and let me know.

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